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By Simon Bouchez – CEO of Multiposting, a SAP company

As digital transformation continues to disrupt the way that businesses operate, the competition for savvy digital talent grows ever fiercer. Though large corporations can offer these job seekers a big name, millennials have become more inclined to seek out startups and small-to-mid-sized businesses that can offer them the flexibility and opportunity for growth that they value.

If you’re a recruiter for a small to mid-sized business, this represents a major opportunity for you. However, a recent survey focused on HR departments at companies of 500 employees or fewer in the retail, hospitality and healthcare industries finds that 97 percent of them say identifying qualified candidates is their greatest challenge in the recruitment process.

There’s a common perception that implementing digital HR and talent acquisition tools will only further complicate the recruitment process for these companies, or make it more expensive. In fact, that’s a myth. The applicant tracking software market has become just as diverse as the current pool of job seekers, which means that SMBs can easily choose a tool specific to their needs and price point.

In most cases, SMB-focused ATS software can be had for as little as under $100 per month. In other words, you can use these tools to identify and secure multiple candidates at only a fraction of the average $1,872 that SMBs currently spend on hiring just one candidate.

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