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Machine Learning & Job Boards


by Peter Weddle

Goggle’s Cloud Jobs API brings the power of machine learning to job search. Job seekers don’t know what they don’t know about the labor market, so the technology acts as a job search assistant by helping them get better results when searching a job board’s database.
While that’s obviously good for the job seeker, it also benefits the site … and it’s only the first in what could be a whole generation of machine learning applications that add value to job boards.

Google’s new API gives job seekers the ability to tap the experiences of millions of other job seekers like them to find the greatest number and range of employment opportunities for which they might be qualified.
They don’t have to be an HR expert or an occupational scientist to figure out what jobs their skills and knowledge could potentially enable them to fill.

And, they don’t have to know how to compose sophisticated Boolean search strings to run down all the possible alternative expressions other people use to identify and describe those jobs.

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