Locumunity creates online job board for doctors seeking temporary gigs


by Lisa Stiffler

Just as schools need substitute teachers, hospitals and medical facilities sometimes need to call in an extra doctor.

But it turns out that it’s not always easy for MDs to find those jobs, and it can be expensive for medical centers to work with recruiters to fill the positions.

Dr. Haneen Abu-Remaileh is one of those docs who was looking for a temporary role, known in MD parlance as a “locum” physician.

“It meant having more control over my schedule and workload,” said Abu-Remaileh, who is 33. But it didn’t go as planned.

“Instead of having flexibility in my schedule, I found myself bound by a system that required significant research to find the right job boards — let alone jobs,” she said. “Unable to find a centralized marketplace that matches physicians to job opportunities in a cost-effective way, I decided to create one myself.”

Her company is called Locumunity. Abu-Remaileh co-founded the startup with Leila Abdolall, who has expertise in recruitment, and Mubashshir Zakir, who provided software development.

Believing they could do a better job than existing sites such as LocumTenes and LocumJobsOnline, the trio launched the Vancouver, B.C.-based business in April 2017. In Canada, more than 10 percent of temporary doctors, or locums, are registered with the site. The company, which has six employees, launched its U.S. beta last month.

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