John Piccinini lifts the lid on recruitment and executive search


Down from a recent high of over 10% in 2009, current U.S. unemployment sits at a fraction over 4.0%. It’s this surge in employment numbers which has seen the country’s staffing and recruitment industries hit $150 billion annually.

Interestingly, according to John Piccinini, a recruitment specialist from Fort Lauderdale, it’s now candidates, not employers, who hold power. “It’s a widely accepted fact among recruiters in today’s market,” he suggests.

Indeed, according to a study by MRINetwork, one of the world’s largest recruitment organizations, upwards of 90% of industry specialists now believe this to be the case.

“There are no two ways about it,” highlights Piccinini, “candidates drive the current market.”

He continues, “This is largely down to the fact that job offers and opportunities are outstripping the supply of potential or suitable staff.”

During the course of the last 70 years, the U.S. has enjoyed a relatively low average unemployment rate of 5.8%.

Piccinini believes the new low of 4.1% is great news for the country, suggesting that talent is now more in demand than ever. “Executive search is seeing a huge resurgence, which is ideal for candidates seeking new or alternative employment,” points out the recruitment expert.

More commonly known as headhunting, executive search currently accounts for around 30% of all new hires in the U.S., according to a study by recruitment software company Lever. “These candidates,” claims Piccinini, “also prove, on average, to be twice as efficient as those hired through non-executive search methods.”

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