How to Make Sure Your Candidates’ Data is Safe During Recruitment


By Amelia Dermott

If you’re a hiring manager, you probably receive a lot of personal data from many potential job candidates. That type of information is usually sensitive and needs to be kept secure. Recruiters are dealing with massive amounts of such information, but the topic of candidate data safety almost never comes up.

Most hiring managers assume that candidates are willing to send in all that information – after all, it is necessary to make a hiring decision. But candidates are also counting on the recruiters’ discretion and on their ability to receive and store all this data in a secure manner.

Since data security is becoming a popular topic, recruiters should develop a robust system for safeguarding data sent in by candidates. That’s also how you can boost your employer brand. If candidates are trusting you with their information, businesses need to prove that they know how to deal with data security risks.

Here are 5 tips to help you ensure that your candidate data is safe during recruitment.

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