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GDPR is Creating Huge Job Opportunities for Legal Sector


June in London was a tale of two stories: Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding, and the less glamorous, but no less consuming launch of the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). While the former did provide a sizeable boost to the economy, the latter kicked off financial services hiring that is expected to impact […]

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Blockchain hiring platform Zinc raises £2.2m through crowdsale


by John Kennedy Zinc wants to bring authentic proof-of-work history via the blockchain. London blockchain recruitment platform Zinc has raised £2.2m in one month via a three-tiered crowdsale framework. The crowdsale project was broken into three milestones to release funds: 30pc upon the successful sale of tokens, 40pc upon main network launch in 2018 and […]

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John Piccinini lifts the lid on recruitment and executive search

John Piccinini

Down from a recent high of over 10% in 2009, current U.S. unemployment sits at a fraction over 4.0%. It’s this surge in employment numbers which has seen the country’s staffing and recruitment industries hit $150 billion annually. Interestingly, according to John Piccinini, a recruitment specialist from Fort Lauderdale, it’s now candidates, not employers, who […]

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How digital technologies are shaping the HR industry


A few years ago, when ‘digital’ entered the corporate lexicon and boardroom discussions, few knew or anticipated the far-reaching impact that it would create. Today, for organisations, it is no longer about preparing for digital or making a transition to a new of way of thinking and doing business and work. It is now about […]

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4 Steps To Build A Skills List When Job Hunting


By Akshay Gupta A goldfish has an attention span of nine seconds. Job recruiters have even less when it comes to reading your resumé. Research from The Ladder shows that an average recruiter spends just six seconds looking at a resumé. So how can you leverage this small window of opportunity? One way not to […]

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Indeed acquires


Indeed, the job website has announced that it has acquired, the online individualized resume building service. The transaction closed on May 25, 2018, with the terms remaining undisclosed. Indeed will keep the company as a separate entity, under its title of was founded in 2014 and offers tools which help applicants fine-tune […]

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New College Grad Without A Job? Here’s How To Get To Work


You’ve worked hard and have crossed the finish line – congratulations! If you have a job lined up, nice work! If not, read on. Four million newly minted college graduates will cross the stage in the U.S. this month, many without an offer of employment. If you were one of the fortunate ones, perhaps you […]

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Why All You’re Hearing Is Crickets From Your Job Search


By Michael Pollock, Executive coach and consultant for creative and media professionals and owner of Pollock Spark How are those job applications coming along? Are you scouring websites and sending out cold submissions on those irritating forms? If you’re still reading, I guess that what you’ve been getting back from your efforts is … crickets. […]

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What to Really Consider When Hiring a Search Firm


By Mitch Oakley, founder and CEO of search firm Charles Aris Organizations justifiably take many criteria into account when considering partnering with an executive search firm. But which ones are the most important? A new report by Mitch Oakley, founder and CEO of search firm Charles Aris, lays out the questions to ask when selecting […]

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Attract Candidates, Don’t Just Track Them


By Joanne McDonagh It is safe to say with the amount of statics out there, recruitment marketing is not a fad. That being said, there is still a reasonably sized group of professionals in the recruitment industry that don’t realise the difference between an ATS and recruitment marketing software. Often thinking that they have to […]

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Facts That Might Surprise You About An Executive Job Search


By Tammy Homegardner – Career Coach, LinkedIn Expert, Author and Founder of The Job Search School As a career coach, I have worked with hundreds of executives who were seeking top-level positions. In analyzing the struggles that most of these executive job seekers had before coming to me for help, I found that there were […]

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Benefits And Shortcomings Of Blind Hiring In The Recruitment Process


By John Feldmann – Communications Specialist for Insperity Recruiting Services Most companies are well aware of the importance of employing a diverse workforce. Diversity in areas such as employee background, race, gender, age and religion sends a message of inclusivity both inside and outside the company, creating a competitive advantage in a diverse world. However, […]

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The robot will interview you now: AI could revolutionize recruitment by weeding out bias


By Caroline Bullock Fuelled by the new breed of artificial intelligence (AI) -powered applications, technology that can bypass physical attributes and analyse candidate data at speed without emotion or prejudice is gaining traction. Of the 1,200 hiring professionals surveyed by recruitment firm Korn Ferry, almost two thirds say AI has changed both the way the […]

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AI is coming after highly skilled jobs, and it’s meeting resistance

machine learning

Sascha Eder is the cofounder and COO of NewtonX, an AI-powered knowledge marketplace When automated technologies first emerged, there was a gap between the laborers they replaced and the decision-makers who implemented them. But as AI has matured, it has begun to climb the corporate ranks. Now disruptive startups are offering AI services that can […]

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How chatbots and artificial intelligence are disrupting human resources


By Kunal Sen is MD, Korn Ferry Futurestep India The future of job hunting will rely heavily on artificial intelligence The process of job hunting can be arduous. While some sought-after job vacancies are never usually posted on the internet, the ones that are displayed can get lost between company websites, job boards and professional […]

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3D Printing Industry Jobs Board launches

3D printing jobs range from engineering, design, software development, material science, additive manufacturing technicians and much more. As the 3D printing industry continues to grow, there is also an increasing need for support roles. For example, the sales executives and marketing professionals a company in the 3D printing industry needs to generate revenue. At 3D […]

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New EU Data Law Will Change How You Engage with Job Applicants


By Roy Maurer The European Union’s (EU’s) newly enhanced data protection regulations go into effect May 25. U.S. organizations that want to recruit workers living in the EU will need to understand how the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) applies to them. Full compliance is expected to be challenging—technology research firm Forrester forecast that 80 […]

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Six Ways Job Searching Is About to Change Forever

job search

By Jeff Hyman – Chief Talent Officer at Chicago-based Strong Suit Executive Search and teaches the MBA course about recruiting at Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management Your digital footprint will say more than your resume The resume that used to be printed on paper—with gimmicks like scented or colored paper to stand out—is rapidly […]

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How To Negotiate A Job Offer?


By Liz Ryan – CEO/founder of Human Workplace and author of Reinvention Roadmap I am expecting a job offer this week. I told the manager “Albert” I am looking for a $60K offer. He said he would try to hit that but he might not be able to, so I’m expecting an offer between $55K […]

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Online Recruitment Software Market – Research Report


Research Report Online recruitment software provides integral recruitment solution to streamline recruitment processes, which include contact management, resume management, mobile recruitment, reporting & analytics, and workflow management. Various industry key players such as SAP SE, Sum Total Systems, Ultimate Software, and Talentsoft offer solutions to manage the entire recruitment lifecycle process. The major driving factors […]

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