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Online platform offering next step for top bosses launches job board with a difference


Harrogate-based Next-Up, which helps people use their skills when they leave corporate life, has launched a job board with a difference. It showcases interesting projects that charities and businesses need help with, as well as trustee and non-executive director roles and wider ideas to use skills such as e-mentoring start-up businesses through Prince’s Trust. An […]

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Huge digital HR skills gap revealed


By Nick Bradley New research from HR consultants AdviserPlus has revealed that 76 percent of HR professionals believe there is a shortage of digital talent within the industry. Contributor Nick Bradley, CEO, – AdviserPlus. The survey, which asked 200 HR professionals their opinions about the concept of digital HR, found there was an apparent skill […]

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CRM and Talent acquisition proves hot for investors


By Steve Brooks As the summer reaches its peak in the northern hemisphere software vendors seems to be hot amongst investors. Both SugarCRM and iCIMS are about to receive further investment from private equity sources to help with their growth. Neither firm revealed the size of the investment but both are looking to use these […]

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What Employees, Employers and Job Hunters Should Look for When It Comes to Workplace Harassment Policies


By Lydia Belanger Several trends are converging, making it more important than ever for business leaders to establish policies to make their workplaces safer and more hospitable. One is the proliferation of social media and online review sites, which make it easier for job candidates to have a clearer sense of what it’s like to […]

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Spark Hire and Crelate Integrate to Help Recruiting Agencies Make Faster Placements


Spark Hire (, the world’s leading video interview platform, has launched an integration with Crelate (, an all-in-one recruiting customer relationship manager and applicant tracking system for staffing and recruiting agencies. Spark Hire helps hundreds of staffing and recruiting firms to place more candidates in less time. The Spark Hire video interviewing platform allows these […]

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A head recruiter at Amazon says the biggest mistake people make on their resumes comes down to their job title

Recruiting Automation

By Rachel Premack Your résumé is a recruiter’s first impression of you during the job search. Celeste Joy Diaz, a recruiting manager at Amazon, said not explaining your job accomplishments clearly is one key way to alienate recruiters from the outset. Instead, use hard numbers to demonstrate how you succeeded in previous roles. Celeste Joy […]

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Is the traditional Resume Dead


By Marianne Garvey In a competitive job market, people are proving their skills instead of just listing them. This guy wants to work at Spotify — so he’s spent 100 hours and $700 on a personal campaign telling them so. John Jaxheimer, 42, was worried that his resume was destined for the recycle bin if […]

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Meet the latest entrants in the TechHR Startup Program


Like every year, the People Matters TechHR Startup Program this year is also showcasing many innovative early-stage startups in the HR technology space. The startups are chosen on the basis of factors such as a sharp vision for the product and a deep understanding of the talent problem it is solving. In the previous articles, […]

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10 European startups with the potential to disrupt the HR industry


By Bernardo Arnaud Over the past few years, the HR tech landscape has been shifting to a more automated and customer-centric approach. A new wave of HR related startups focused on combining AI, HR, process automation, human consulting, referrals, anonymity and matchmaking emerged across Europe. Some of these fast-growing HR startups have realistic chances of […]

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4 hot HR tech tools for small businesses


By Nick Murphy Companies like Google — which receive an average of three million job applications yearly — and Amazon — which once received 20,000 applications in a single day — use a whole suite of tools, including AI and advanced recruiting software, to narrow down their applicant pool and sift out top talent. But […]

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Recruitment firm to use AI to ‘revolutionise’ hiring in tech sector

artificial intelligence

A new recruitment company that aims to “revolutionise” the hiring process by using artificial intelligence (AI) has opened in Newcastle. The firm, called Detail, will use AI to speed up the recruitment process as the software will learn which traits and characteristics employers are searching for when they hire staff. Detail has been launched by […]

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Welcome To The Age Of Recruiting Automation

Recruiting Automation

By Jon Bischke – CEO of Entelo, the leader in recruiting automation The foundation of a high-impact workforce relies on the quality of its employees, but we can’t build successful teams with antiquated recruiting processes. As the demand for talented individuals goes up and pressures on recruiting teams simmer, talent acquisition professionals are constantly in […]

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How Firms Can Do A Better Job Developing Marketing Talent?


By Kimberly A. Whitler There is arguably no function that is undergoing as much change as marketing. Between shifting consumer habits, digital transformation, and the need to migrate toward the analytical side of marketing, what marketers do, who they work with, and how they impact the firm is changing dramatically. Consequently, one area that CMOs […]

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How to solidify competitive advantage with technology


By Julie Dodd Attracting and retaining the best talent is a top priority for all organizations, so the best companies invest in advanced HR technologies to engage and support their people. Considering the high cost of replacing even a single valuable employee — up to twice their annual salary — it’s imperative that HR leaders […]

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How To Find Quality Software Developers and Keep Them for the Long Term

software developer

As technology advances and the entrepreneurial industry slowly turns digital, there is an unsurprising rise in the need to find top-tier software developers. And it may be a bitter pill to swallow, but small and mid-sized businesses have it the hardest during recruitment. See, experienced software developers want to work for big, well-known companies. New, […]

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Cloud-based Recruitment: the Future or a Cybercriminal’s Playground?


When it comes to storing information and applications, it seems that there is only one way forward: the cloud. Many traditional aspects of an office job, like editing documents or working collectively on projects, have already been moved to cloud environments, which are preferred for the flexibility and convenience they offer. The recruitment world could […]

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6-Point Checklist for Successful Sourcing


by Anne Clark Candidate sourcing is a time-consuming and costly process for any recruiter or employer, from the moment a seat or position opens up to that time when the perfect candidate signs on the dotted line. These days, recruiters employ different platforms and use an automated recruiting system to streamline their process and reach […]

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GDPR is Creating Huge Job Opportunities for Legal Sector


June in London was a tale of two stories: Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding, and the less glamorous, but no less consuming launch of the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). While the former did provide a sizeable boost to the economy, the latter kicked off financial services hiring that is expected to impact […]

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Blockchain hiring platform Zinc raises £2.2m through crowdsale


by John Kennedy Zinc wants to bring authentic proof-of-work history via the blockchain. London blockchain recruitment platform Zinc has raised £2.2m in one month via a three-tiered crowdsale framework. The crowdsale project was broken into three milestones to release funds: 30pc upon the successful sale of tokens, 40pc upon main network launch in 2018 and […]

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John Piccinini lifts the lid on recruitment and executive search

John Piccinini

Down from a recent high of over 10% in 2009, current U.S. unemployment sits at a fraction over 4.0%. It’s this surge in employment numbers which has seen the country’s staffing and recruitment industries hit $150 billion annually. Interestingly, according to John Piccinini, a recruitment specialist from Fort Lauderdale, it’s now candidates, not employers, who […]

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