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What is an Online HR system and Why Does it Matter?

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From small start-ups to multinational companies, almost every organisation can benefit from using HR software in order to make their processes and the day to day running of the business more efficient. The majority of online HR systems enable companies to carry out tasks with more sophistication and speed. But what does an online HR […]

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Can Automation in Recruitment Empower HR? Q&A With Jobvite’s Vice President of DevOps, John Stuart


Neha Pradhan Interview HR Technologist Interview with John Stuart of Jobvite on Bringing Automation in Recruitment Strategies “By expanding the scope of their role, recruiters are looking for ways to automate and scale the administrative tasks. It’s about working smarter, not harder, and focusing on the people, not the process.” In this informative HR Talk […]

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How technology is evolving the HR industry


With groundbreaking technologies emerging in the HR industry, the way HR teams work is changing for the better. From automation of tasks through tools such as Cezanne’s HR software to artificial intelligence automating the more tedious aspects of this role, there are numerous ways in which tech is developing in this field. These ere are […]

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Recent tech tools and software which can benefit HR departments


By Stuart Gentle In earlier days, HR staff used to get the direction of the executive team setting their preferences and requirements. With new technologies, the HR department has also advanced in numerous aspects. They play a vital role by sitting at the executive table and recommending procedures, developments, and systems. They help in improving […]

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The top five HR trends that start-ups can’t afford to ignore in 2020


By Nikunj Verma The last couple of years have seen some interesting things happening in the HR industry. On the one hand, cutting-edge technologies have found their way into HR software, and the post-globalization internet economy continues to change workforce patterns in a big way. At the same time, companies are struggling when it comes […]

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The HCM Technology Dilemma: 5 Critical Factors

Recruiting software

By Tom English Human Capital Management is, for many, what HR used to be. Think of it as Human Resources for the modern age, focusing on recruitment, management, development and optimization of human capital—arguably the most important part of a business. From a technology point of view, HCM solutions enable the efficient management and development […]

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Top 6 HR Compliance Challenges in the Technology Sector


by Marianne Chrisos Preventing and resolving HR compliance issues is a key driver in HR success. While HR is more than a regulatory department, much of their focus is on processes that have some regulatory component. From payroll to benefits and recruitment and record-keeping, compliance is a serious HR issue that needs proactive attention. Issues […]

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How clients can use automation, technology to boost engagement


By Taylor Nicole Rogers Millennials don’t hesitate to quit their job if they don’t like it or if they don’t feel fulfilled by it. For HR clients weighed down by administrative tasks, finding time to keep these employees engaged can be difficult. Software tools may be able to help, according to a report by HR […]

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8 Benefits Young Job Seekers Look for Today


By Maurie Backman It’s not just salary that motivates candidates to seek out and accept job offers; workplace benefits are equally important. Knowing what benefits job searchers want can help you better manage your resources and focus your efforts where they’ll have the most impact. Here are eight essential benefits that younger workers are looking […]

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How Automation Impacts Human Resource Management


By Suresh Sambandam Employees need an efficient Human Resource (HR) department to be optimally productive. When HR is struggling, the whole organization feels it. But owing to chaotic processes, the HR team is usually knee-deep in delays and inefficiency. It is also considered a cost centre rather than a function that drives value. The reality, […]

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How technology is enabling the HR function


By Harshvendra Soin Technology innovation has been the cornerstone of the economic revolution that the world is currently witnessing. Businesses across sectors have drawn massive benefits – like process efficiency and increased production – by incorporating latest technological interventions into their routine processes and automating the operations. While the customer-centric functions are using technology to […]

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Top 10 HR and Talent LinkedIn Groups


by Elizabeth Quirk LinkedIn features more than 260 million monthly active users and remains one of the best places to share content on the web. More than 60 million of those users are senior level influencers and 40 million are in decision-making positions. If you are a data and analytics professional and want to connect, […]

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11 hiring process best practices to improve recruitment


By Eric St-Jean The recruitment process continues to be a significant challenge for many companies. Organizations experience several issues, such as manual and ineffective processes, a limited talent pool and HR systems that do not meet expectations. Although there is no one-size-fits-all approach, there are some hiring process best practices that can make recruiting easier. […]

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4 Things To Get Right If You Want Career Success


By William Arruda There are more jobs available in the U.S. today than at any other time since 2000, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. With an average of 241,000 net new jobs being added to the economy each month, the possibilities for employment seem endless. But how can you find the job you […]

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How To Get Started On Your Dream Career Right Now, Even If You Have Little Time Or Money


By Caroline Ceniza-Levine I am often asked for the very first step in making a big career change, such as the leap into entrepreneurship that this reader aspires to: I work as a saleslady but I have a vision of starting my own business one day – Bongi The specific action steps that are best […]

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Top tips to improving workforce motivation


Article by: Chris Hickey Almost a third (31 percent) of UK professionals state that their expectations are ‘not being met at all’ by their current employer, whilst a further 24 percent state that their needs are only just ‘moderately’ being met. Contributor Chris Hickey, CEO – Robert Walters. The dissatisfaction was most prominent in the […]

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Hire Fast, Fire Fast: New Strategies For Competitive Marketing Job Markets


By Jennifer Davis Building a customer-centric enterprise relies on employees building relationships, acting on insights and growing alongside the needs of customers. Underlying this is an assumption that marketing teams have the personnel they need and that they are up to the task. In today’s competitive job market, companies are changing their approach in order […]

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How Automation and Artificial Intelligence will Transform


By Suresh Sambandam Chief Executive Officer, KiSSFLOW Technology won’t take the “human” out of human resources anytime soon, but tools like process automation and artificial intelligence are shaking up HR departments around the world. Machines are taking on time-consuming administrative tasks, empowering recruiters to focus on people management. As businesses shift toward human capital-centered social […]

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For some HR teams, mobile recruiting offers a real edge


Mobile devices are now a recruiting tool — one that should not be taken for granted. HR managers who have adopted a mobile recruiting practice said it can deliver tangible benefits that can make all the difference in attracting quality candidates. They are turning to text messaging, iPads and QR barcodes, and they are designing […]

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Hired report reveals the most in-demand software skills


Demand for developers and engineers with blockchain skills has risen 517% over the last 12 months, a survey of almost 100,000 developers has found. Moreover, the salaries offered for blockchain engineering roles are among the highest for developers in London, averaging $89,000 per annum (approximately £68,000). This is second only to embedded engineers, who earn […]

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