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Best Places to Work – 2018


These are the best companies to work for – according to Glassdoor Glassdoor just released its top 100 U.S.-based companies to work for next year. The rankings are based on employee feedback from companies with more than 1,000 employees. Glassdoor, rates companies based on things like their CEO, career opportunities, compensation and benefits, culture and […]

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Transformation agenda in HR tech


By Christian Annesley Digital technology is changing the way companies manage their workforce at an accelerating rate Digital transformation and workforce changes are reshaping the HR agenda in Europe at a faster pace than ever, with change accelerating in recent months – and the trend is expected to continue. The message of disruption – and […]

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Gumtree – Launches new jobs portal


Gumtree, the UK’s largest online classifieds platform, launched its new jobs portal – ‘Jobs from Gumtree’ George Buckingham, Head of Verticals, Gumtree UK said: “We conducted research to ensure we really understood how job-seekers and recruiters find each other, and discovered new job search behaviours reflecting the millions of gig economy workers in the UK. […]

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Job Hunting Could Someday Resemble ‘Black Mirror’

JobScore co-founder and CEO Dan Arkind discusses with Juan Martinez the future of job search and applicant tracking technology Finding the right candidate to fill an open position is difficult, even with the right technology. With dozens of viable job boards, easily findable corporate pages, LinkedIn, and good old fashioned word-of-mouth, the number of applications […]

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JazzHR secures $6.6 Million for providing recruitment solutions


JazzHR, a provider of recruitment solutions for SMBs, has announced the closing of financing round in which the company secured $6.6 million. The investments were led by Volition Capital along with the participation of existing investors Rincon Venture Partners, Birchmere Ventures, and others. With this financing, the total funding amount for JazzHr stands at $25 […]

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Cover Letters: Why They’re Useful and How to Read Between the Lines

cover letter

Nice Article by Kelsey Jones – marketing consultant – MoxieDot While there has been healthy debate as to whether or not cover letters are expected, they are still arguably a key piece of applying for a job since they allow applicants to introduce themselves and their accomplishments. They also give applicants the opportunity to highlight […]

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How to Create a Job Board Website With WordPress


Informative Article By Brenda Barron – instructor for Tuts+ When you’re looking to start an online business, a job directory site can be a viable source of income. Since people are always on the lookout for a new job, whether they want to change careers, find a better paying position, or simply break into a […]

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Four Tips for Building a Talent Pool

online recruitment

By Charles Mah, Vice President of Talent Acquisition, Workday Passive candidates are really the unicorns of recruiting: elusive and unattainable. The best workers are engaged, productive, valued by their managers and peers, and in general, happy where they are. And these are the exact people I want to hire. As a company vying for the […]

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Start Thinking Big About Recruitment


By Simon Bouchez – CEO of Multiposting, a SAP company As digital transformation continues to disrupt the way that businesses operate, the competition for savvy digital talent grows ever fiercer. Though large corporations can offer these job seekers a big name, millennials have become more inclined to seek out startups and small-to-mid-sized businesses that can […]

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Google Cloud Job Discovery Tool


Google’s new Cloud Job Discovery tool has entered beta testing, allowing talent companies to use Google’s extensive artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities to connect employers with the best candidates for their open jobs. Originally known as the Cloud Jobs API when it was announced in May, Cloud Job Discovery is part of Google’s larger […]

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Evolution And Future Of The Recruiter Role


By Arthur Pereless – CEO of Pereless Systems The backbone of every company is the manpower behind its development. Therefore, recruiting is paramount to every company’s strategy and long-term success. Think about it: How can you have stellar support without great customer service reps? How can you achieve record-breaking sales without great salespeople? How can […]

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Will Google for Jobs affect traffic for the major job sites?


When Google confirmed rumours that it was entering the recruitment market with Google for Jobs, some webmasters reacted with concern, while others seemed eager to get on board. There’s no doubt Google has enormous power. Some accuse the search-engine giant of steamrollering competitors when it enters new markets; the recent EU fine for ‘illegal’ practices […]

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Wolf of Wall Street – Launches Job Board to Help Former Criminals Find Work


By Joel Cheesman This news probably won’t end up in a movie deal starring Leo DiCaprio, but it’s certainly worth sharing here. In addition to being the original “Wolf of Wall Street,” a character popularized in the 2013 film by Martin Scorsese, Richard Bronson is now the CEO of a relatively new job board called […]

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The Future of HR AI-augmented Recruitment and Onboarding


By Sharon Koifman, Founder of DistantJob Artificial Intelligence (AI) companies are taking the HR world by storm. There is a big marketing push to get HR to adopt artificial intelligence software. The argument is simple. Companies have an awful lot of data swimming around during the recruitment process. And even more available from company employee […]

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Employers are using workforce analytics to hire the best

workforce analytics

By Tim Sandle To improve the caliber of recruitment and to ensure that the best personnel are recruited, human resources managers are turning to computer packages that allow for detailed workforce analytics to be undertaken. Workplace analytics form part of the modern workplace, especially for recruitment. In this second part of Digital Journal’s review of […]

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HR tech solutions to improve SME management


By Tim Aldred HR software to aid recruitment, build relationships with staff, and organise everyday functions is helping small business owners to work more efficiently. HR and recruitment are two areas where tech has made great advances in recent years, not only easing the burden of running a business, but ensuring that it stays legally […]

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10 Questions To Get Answered Before Accepting A New Job

online recruitment

by Caroline Ceniza-Levine When considering a new job, most candidates know to ask questions about what their responsibilities will be, who they will report to, and compensation, title and structure of the role. However, there are many more questions a job seeker should get answered before accepting a new job. You need to probe on […]

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Machine Learning & Job Boards

machine learning

by Peter Weddle Goggle’s Cloud Jobs API brings the power of machine learning to job search. Job seekers don’t know what they don’t know about the labor market, so the technology acts as a job search assistant by helping them get better results when searching a job board’s database. While that’s obviously good for the […]

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How to ace technical interviews


Don’t let technical interviews stress you out – they’re your chance to show off all your awesome problem-solving skills. In this week’s Commit, Metric Collective’s CTO Kevin Dolan lays out 3 types of common interview questions (quizzes, experience, hypotheticals) and how to approach them. Check the video –

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Google rolls out HR software based on tech from Diane Greene’s old company


Google is adding to its cloud service lineup with a new product that companies can use to manage the job application process. Google Hire is designed to help human resources coordinators at small and mid-sized businesses schedule interviews and keep track of their candidates, Alphabet said Tuesday. The service integrates with existing Google cloud services […]

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