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What Job Hunters Should Expect in 2019

job search

By Hannah Morgan Job searching in 2019 will be different. Here’s what you need to know. If you’re starting to think about looking for a new job, there are new protocols and “rules” to learn before dropping your resume on every online job board. Although the job market is in your favor, employers still dictate […]

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7 ways to position yourself to get on a board


By Katie Sanders When Lauren Zalaznick left her role as an executive vice president at NBCUniversal in 2013, she started looking for opportunities to bring her three decades of digital and media experience to a new environment: the boardroom. Driven by the desire to gain a landscape view of corporations and work with their leadership […]

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Ease Back Into Your Job Search With These 13 Smart Tactics

job search

Keeping an open mind to new career opportunities, even when you’re already employed, is key to lasting satisfaction and advancement in your professional life. The challenge, however, is that a job search requires time, energy and a baseline knowledge of the latest recruiting trends and technologies. If you’ve been out of the game for a […]

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Ethereum Community Band Together To Create Crypto Job Board During Hard Times


by Cindy Huynh During the bearish cryptocurrency winter, many blockchain and cryptocurrency-related companies laid off large numbers of staff, from ConsenSys trimming down 13 percent of the team to Steemit laying off 70 percent of their staff. Maria Paula Fernandez’s, the organizer of ETHBerlin, has on December 7, 2018, leveraged Twitter and Github to create […]

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Want To Get A New Job?


By Karlyn Borysenko I got into a discussion the other day with a young professional about her job search. She has a fresh, polished resume, has been told she’s great at interviews and has a fair bit of experience for someone early on in their career. Still, she wasn’t receiving the job offers she was […]

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Civica acquires e-recruitment software specialist Trac Systems


Civica Group has announced that Civica UK Limited, the company’s wholly owned subsidiary, has acquired specialist e-recruitment software provider Trac Systems Limited and its subsidiary Zedcore Systems Limited. The is yet another acquisition from the specialist in business critical software applications, digital solutions and managed services that help teams and organisations around the world to […]

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HR Tech startups present at TechHR Singapore

TechHR Singapore

From startups offering the newest technology in payroll management to banking on blockchain to solve every HR problem, the TechHR Singapore event to be held on 28th February, 2019 at Marina Bay Sands will showcase the best of best from the startup and HR technology world. Startups will get a chance to participate in the […]

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UK Candidate Attraction Report 2018


Nearly 900 UK based in-house and agency recruiters (a 60% in-house/40% agency split) were surveyed to examine their experience of candidate sourcing channels during 2018. With over 150,000 individual data points, the survey enabled the detailed analysis of which sourcing channels are delivering the best results for recruiters within specific industries and company sizes. Sourcing […]

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Job seekers must identify, learn right skills: Workforce Singapore


By Joanna Seow Job seekers need to identify and learn the right skills to capitalise on job openings as hiring picks up, a Workforce Singapore (WSG) spokesman said yesterday. The statutory board said it would find ways to continually improve job-matching services and plans to enhance its job search website, Firms are expected to […]

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This Dad Left His Staffing Job And Built A Million-Dollar, One-Person Business


By Elaine Pofeldt Brian Abrams could have easily gone after one more corporate position. After years in the staffing industry, he’d built a strong reputation as a specialist in placing project managers.  These sought-after candidates have a reputation for being very demanding, but Abrams loved the challenge of finding the ideal jobs for them, maybe because […]

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The 29 best tech companies to work for in 2019, according to employees


Best companies in worker satisfaction

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The Initiatives Helping Women Return To Work


Picture this: a woman takes time out from work to start a family. A couple (or possibly a few) years down the line she decides to go back, whether that be because of necessity or passion or both. The only trouble is, she finds that the usual routes of finding a job once open to […]

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Nation’s largest military job board applies Google technology


By Sasha Foo The company that runs the nation’s largest military job board says a new Google search function is helping to produce more job leads for veterans. RecruitMilitary said its collaboration with Google gives service members a more effective means to match their work experience in the military to a job in the civilian […]

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How to sell yourself in an interview


By Neha Mistry The idea of having to sell yourself in an interview is something that a lot of job seekers might struggle with. You want to highlight your qualifications without coming off sounding too smug. But what can wind up happening instead is that you undersell yourself, or you come across as overly confident […]

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How Artificial Intelligence is being utilized in the Human Resource Industry?


by James Smythe Human beings have real intelligence. When you try to make a machine work intelligently like a human being then it becomes artificial intelligence. In the recent age or time, AI is involved in almost everything we do digitally. The main job of artificial intelligence is to pour intelligence in a machine so […]

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These are the four factors that make a company a great place for women


By Lydia Dishman, There is no shortage of annual reviews of the best companies to work for. This year, the companies with the happiest employees covered a swath of industries from tech to transportation. The ratings were based on employee sentiment about their company’s goals and work environment. That doesn’t mean that every company on […]

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Employee engagement biggest challenge in 2019

Employee engagement

By: Oliver Shaw Employee engagement has topped the list for the second year running, with 40 percent of the 423 respondents believing it will be their biggest challenge over the next 12 months. Recruitment and retention were a close second and third (37 percent and 36 percent respectively), followed by absence management (29 percent) and […]

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Startups of disruption: employment and human resources


By Jeffrey Kitt If ever there were industries primed for disruption, employment and human resources would have to somewhere near the top of the list. There are so many elements of each industry which require unnecessary manual work: from payrolls to referrals to recruiting to training and management processes. Automation and artificially intelligent solutions are […]

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Cash in on talent scouting


By Abhishek Agarwal The Indian Staffing market size has grown exponentially over the past few years as Indian Staffing Federation estimated its value of about EUR 3.6 Billion. The organised retail sector, construction and real estate, BFSI, and Automobile sector are likely to create 40,000 to 12, 62,120 jobs by 2021. With this, the talent […]

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Top 4 HR Outsourcing Best Practices for SMBs


By Chiradeep BasuMallick SMBs, today face immense external and internal pressures – from technological disruptions, and changing workforce dynamics, to compliance and regulatory challenges. Given this reality, SMBs are turning to HR outsourcing as a business strategy. Here are four HR outsourcing best practices that can help SMBs increase the real and perceived value of […]

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