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ATS: Your Secret Weapon for Employee Onboarding


The HR department carries a lot of functions that foster smoother running of your organization. While you might think that the biggest HR role has to do with evaluating employee performance, there is a lot that goes to it. HR department also helps ensure support for the growth and productivity of your team. That would […]

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8 Tips For Choosing Applicant Tracking Software


By Kaya Ismail Recruiting the right talent can help your company thrive, and data shows that the cost of a bad hire can cost your company big. That’s why over 75 percent of multinationals use applicant tracking software (ATS) to help streamline their recruitment process. But with a plethora of ATS options to choose from, […]

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How tech has changed recruitment

recruitment trends

From recruiting for new jobs to employing staff to manage and control the new technology, here are three ways tech has changed the recruitment sector. Whether it’s developing cloud-based innovations or putting operating systems in place to automate basic roles, there is no doubt that technology has a massive impact on the workplace. From recruiting […]

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How To Boost Quality Applications On A Job Posting

Recruiting Automation

By Tom Taulli According to data from the National Federation of Independent Business, there is a record number of unfilled job openings for small businesses. And things are likely to get even worse, as more employers plan to increase their hiring. So in this environment, there needs to be creative strategies for recruiting, such as […]

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Google’s newest push to radically improve the online job hunt for millions of Americans


By Tonya Riley As an analog of the newspaper classified section, online job boards like Indeed and Monster have long sold themselves as a one-stop shop for job seekers. Yet in the past decade, they’ve become synonymous with poor search functions, black hole–like résumé portals and expired job posts. The boom of AI technology in […]

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The secrets to beating an applicant tracking system


By Terena Bell Job hunters should know that nearly 40 percent of employers use an applicant tracking system (ATS) to screen candidates for their job openings. Don’t let the name fool you. Applicant tracking systems don’t “track” where you are in the recruitment process. They’re aimed at saving employers time by dividing strong candidates from […]

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Five things to consider before investing in a new Applicant Tracking System


There are many e-recruitment options with varying degrees of capability available to in-house recruiters that fit a variety of needs. There are also concerns surrounding gender diversity, coping with volume hires in a way that decreases the time to hire and keeping pace with technological change. So, lots to think about. To help you in […]

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