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Big Job Boards Hurting, Niche Sites Here to Stay


Nice Article By Michelle Rafter on Job Board trends

By some estimates, the United States has 3,000 to 5,000 job boards serving specific industries, professions, or geographic areas.
By staying laser-focused on their respective niches, they’ve been able to weather the storms that have been shaking up the major players. “Small job boards will always be around because small businesses rely on them heavily,” said Chris Russell, self-professed ‘Mad Scientist of Online Recruiting’ and job board consultant and owner of Rec Tech Media and CareerCloud. “Without them, they’d have no way to advertise.”

Though niche job boards remain integral to their recruiting efforts, small employers have to be more proactive in their efforts because job seekers expect it, said Russell, who has built close to 100 job boards and worked as a recruiter.
He recommends companies flesh out their websites, attend job fairs, recruit on local college campuses, and use Instagram and Twitter to get the word out. “Job seekers have been trained to research and find out more information about what it’s really like to work somewhere,” he said, “so you need to give them information that tells a story about yourself.”

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