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Job seekers must identify, learn right skills: Workforce Singapore


By Joanna Seow Job seekers need to identify and learn the right skills to capitalise on job openings as hiring picks up, a Workforce Singapore (WSG) spokesman said yesterday. The statutory board said it would find ways to continually improve job-matching services and plans to enhance its job search website, Firms are expected to […]

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This Dad Left His Staffing Job And Built A Million-Dollar, One-Person Business


By Elaine Pofeldt Brian Abrams could have easily gone after one more corporate position. After years in the staffing industry, he’d built a strong reputation as a specialist in placing project managers.  These sought-after candidates have a reputation for being very demanding, but Abrams loved the challenge of finding the ideal jobs for them, maybe because […]

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The 29 best tech companies to work for in 2019, according to employees


Best companies in worker satisfaction

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The Initiatives Helping Women Return To Work


Picture this: a woman takes time out from work to start a family. A couple (or possibly a few) years down the line she decides to go back, whether that be because of necessity or passion or both. The only trouble is, she finds that the usual routes of finding a job once open to […]

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Nation’s largest military job board applies Google technology


By Sasha Foo The company that runs the nation’s largest military job board says a new Google search function is helping to produce more job leads for veterans. RecruitMilitary said its collaboration with Google gives service members a more effective means to match their work experience in the military to a job in the civilian […]

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How to sell yourself in an interview


By Neha Mistry The idea of having to sell yourself in an interview is something that a lot of job seekers might struggle with. You want to highlight your qualifications without coming off sounding too smug. But what can wind up happening instead is that you undersell yourself, or you come across as overly confident […]

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How Artificial Intelligence is being utilized in the Human Resource Industry?


by James Smythe Human beings have real intelligence. When you try to make a machine work intelligently like a human being then it becomes artificial intelligence. In the recent age or time, AI is involved in almost everything we do digitally. The main job of artificial intelligence is to pour intelligence in a machine so […]

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These are the four factors that make a company a great place for women


By Lydia Dishman, There is no shortage of annual reviews of the best companies to work for. This year, the companies with the happiest employees covered a swath of industries from tech to transportation. The ratings were based on employee sentiment about their company’s goals and work environment. That doesn’t mean that every company on […]

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Employee engagement biggest challenge in 2019

Employee engagement

By: Oliver Shaw Employee engagement has topped the list for the second year running, with 40 percent of the 423 respondents believing it will be their biggest challenge over the next 12 months. Recruitment and retention were a close second and third (37 percent and 36 percent respectively), followed by absence management (29 percent) and […]

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Startups of disruption: employment and human resources


By Jeffrey Kitt If ever there were industries primed for disruption, employment and human resources would have to somewhere near the top of the list. There are so many elements of each industry which require unnecessary manual work: from payrolls to referrals to recruiting to training and management processes. Automation and artificially intelligent solutions are […]

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Cash in on talent scouting


By Abhishek Agarwal The Indian Staffing market size has grown exponentially over the past few years as Indian Staffing Federation estimated its value of about EUR 3.6 Billion. The organised retail sector, construction and real estate, BFSI, and Automobile sector are likely to create 40,000 to 12, 62,120 jobs by 2021. With this, the talent […]

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Top 4 HR Outsourcing Best Practices for SMBs


By Chiradeep BasuMallick SMBs, today face immense external and internal pressures – from technological disruptions, and changing workforce dynamics, to compliance and regulatory challenges. Given this reality, SMBs are turning to HR outsourcing as a business strategy. Here are four HR outsourcing best practices that can help SMBs increase the real and perceived value of […]

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8 Creative Ways HR Can Source Candidates And Build Brand Awareness


By Heidi Lynne Kurter Regardless of the size of a company’s budget, there are ample opportunities waiting to connect businesses and candidates. To remain competitive in a candidate-driven market, HR is stepping away from traditional methods and tapping into creative sourcing strategies. According to HireVue, it takes approximately 42 days for an employer to fill […]

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Technology is taking over our workplaces. Should we be scared?


Technology, to economists, is anything that helps us produce things faster, better or cheaper. Technology has been shaping our workplace for pretty much all of human history. From the time the first prehistoric humans picked up sticks and stones to make tools, we’ve used technology to help us meet our daily needs. But these days, […]

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How Do You Find New Work After 55?

after 55

Having made a strong pitch recently for doing a phased retirement, I want to expand that idea to a more creative realm. As Forbes contributor Kerry Hannon pointed out, formal phased retirement programs are still rare (though everyone admits they are what’s needed). So, what are your options if you and your employer part ways […]

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How AI technology is changing the very fabric of recruitment in India


Recruitment is one of the most cumbersome processes that involve multiple levels of marketing, several rounds of interviews, profiling, analysis, and so forth before finally filling in a particular vacancy. A good hiring decision surely has its worth weighed in gold, but what happens when you hire a bad recruit? According to a survey conducted […]

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Why I Hire Scientists, and Why You Should, Too


By Ijad Madisch Before my friends and I started ResearchGate, the professional network for scientists, I was a scientist myself. One of the best things about this was that by the time I started hiring, I already knew the benefits of hiring scientists. Scientists are passionate, excel at time management, are comfortable failing, can think […]

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HR Tech Think Tank: Talent Management software

talent management

When it comes to talent management software, HR and technology buyers tend to look for tailored solutions. Even the off-the-shelf products need to be customised in some way for the organisation and workforce that will be using them, advises Aaron Hardy, Head of Product Strategy for PageUp in Asia (pictured). As the lead facilitator for […]

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The Muse, a popular recruitment site for millennials, has made its second acquisition


By Connie Loizos, The Muse, a New York-based, content-rich recruitment site that matches job seekers and all kinds of information about different career paths, as well as with companies that are hiring, has made it second acquisition, picking up TalentShare, a year-old, HR software-as-a service company. TalentShare has been focused on enabling companies to share […]

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Job Postings of the Future: High EQ Wanted, Must Play Nice with Robots


By Beth Kowitt There is a paradox that lies at the heart of running a workforce in the 21st century: Employers must be just as focused on fostering talent that has high emotional intelligence as they are on developing employees who know how to build and work with robots. “EQ will have IQ for breakfast,” […]

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