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  • Detailed Reports
  • Includes online applicant-tracking software
  • Video resumes can be added in resume
  • Complete hosting & installation support
  • Edit Home page theme
  • more..

online applicant tracking Software

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Applicant tracking system automates the online job application and resume tracking process, including collecting, reviewing and responding to resumes. It consists of several modules like gathering job requirements, auto-posting to website, qualifying job applicants, processing resumes, short listing & matching candidates, hiring and more.

Applicant TrackingThere are many sub-features available under each of the major modules. Through these modules the entire recruitment process gets streamlined and the recruiter reduces time-to-hire significantly. Since, most of the cumbersome tasks are taken care of by the ATS, recruiters can get the time they need to concentrate on organizing other offline recruitment activities, conducting interviews and hiring employees.

The ATS captures all the candidate details and maintains historical records too so that you can check the background, referrals, requests and resumes whenever you want. It also eliminates information duplication and provides a complete recruitment dashboard for analysis to HR staff.


Applicant tracking
Applicant Tracking


Recruitment Analysis - Reports generated

. Number of open positions
. Number of applicants
. Number of candidates short-listed
. Number of candidate's interviewed
. Number of offers made
. Number of offers accepted
. Number of employees joined
. User wise report

The Benefits of using an ATS are that they track the recruitment process right from requirement posting through to offer acceptance and hiring. This eases the workload of HR recruiters and consultants as most cumbersome and time-consuming tasks are automated. From easy-to-use online application forms to easy-to-search resume databases, applicant-tracking system can handle your entire candidate tracking. Many companies with huge recruitment requirements have implemented this system to streamline the recruitment cycle.

Our ATS has multiple modules, customized to meet your needs, and offer several benefits to jobseekers, employers & H.R staff.

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